19 Dec

Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend but unless you pick right, you will have spent a lot of money on something you will not be always happy to wear. However, it can be overwhelming when you were not introduced to the world of diamonds from a tender age. This does not mean you cannot do right when picking diamonds. Knowing the basic diamond information will ensure you pick right. First of all, the shape of the diamonds you want is very crucial. There are different cuts and any jeweler will take you through that. If in doubt, settle for the princess or the round cut.

Also, you have to determine the carats of the diamonds you will be getting. If you are buying the diamonds for yourself, it should be easy. However, if you are getting them for someone else, you want to think about their preferences before making the pick. If you are on a budget, start by lowering the clarity and then the color if the budget is still not high. Next comes lowering the cut and you should lower the carat when it is very essential. You will be happy to boast to your friends how many carats your ring has and it will be a joy to keep it on your finger all the time. Check out The Diamond Registry or visit this site for the best diamond jewelry.

In choosing the culet, remember that if it is small or medium sized it will not be seen with the naked eyes. Thus, there will be no negative effect on the appearance of the diamond. In addition, ensure you do not choose a girdle that is too thin because it will be susceptible to chipping. If you plan to use the diamond on a ring, this will be a bad idea. However, if the diamond will be used for a pendant or earrings, this should not be a major problem since these are not exposed to rough contacts on a regular basis. Even if you are going for a princess cut diamond, a thin girdle will still be a bad idea.

Polished diamonds look much better. Therefore, consider how good the polishing is. If there are defects on the polishing, you won't detect these by simply looking at the diamond with your naked eye. Choose the polishing depending on the clarity. If the clarity is low, even if the polishing is only fair no one will be able to tell. You can read more details on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/vashi-dominguez/key-things-to-look-for-wh_b_1558180.html.

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